Reima’s outstanding reputation has spread like bush fire around the globe. Native and expat-Finns alike seek after Reima’s children’s clothing, and pass on the items after kids have outgrown them. Reima is somewhat a veteran in the clothing business. Since 1940s, the company’s aim has been to make durable, safe and multi-functional inner and outerwear for active kids. Three streamlined product categories enable parents to select the best suitable items for their children. Reimatec, the brand’s very own waterproof fabric, combines breathability, comfort and easy-care. Each design is also thoroughly tested by real kids.

A Piece Of Finland will introduce a small selection of Reima products for the spring/summer 2014 season and as of September -14, a wider selection will be available.

ps. Reima is based in Kankaanpää, which roughly translates to ‘Fabric head’ or ‘Moraine ground covered with a relatively thing layer of organic topsoil called podsol -head’, depending on the point of view.