Marimekko is a Finnish success story in its own right. The story began in 1949 when Armi Ratia shared her visions with her husband: “One has to dream, and one must stand out from the rest.” A few years later, the first Marimekko fashion show revealed some of many colourful patterns and clean cuts to come – and the clothes were sold practically off the models’ backs. Following year, the first shop opened in Helsinki. From New York to Tokyo and everywhere in between, Marimekko has been a guiding light for numerous fashionistas and trendsetters since the 1950’s. Functionality, gorgeous vibrant colours and high quality make for outstanding consumer goods. Unikko, Nadja, Kivet, Boboo, Piccolo, Kaivo… timeless fabrics from 40, 50, 60 years ago are still going strong. A pioneer and a visionary, Marimekko continues to amaze and brighten our days! Ps. Marimekko translates to two Finnish words, basically telling us that a girl named Mari is wearing a dress (mekko).