Ecological Nordic design at its best! A young company by age and at heart, Hooked Design brings something traditional forward in a wholly new, innovative way. Re-using the leftover material cut off from both ends of fabric rolls in the textile industry, the company produces beautiful lace carpets in various sizes and colours. Mostly arriving from the Finnish clothing industry company Nanso, a large amount of material is picked up at once in order to minimize emissions and costs.

Created in 2009, Hooked Design immediately went on to winning the title of the best Young Enterprise in Finland in 2010. The lace carpet design draws influence from the windows of the cathedral Notre Dame de Paris. The name “Hooked Design” comes from the traditional crocheting technique which requires a crochet hook. Operating as openly as possible and with ethical principles, Hooked Design donates a euro from each carpet sold to the fight agains child labour. Products may also be custom-made and ordered via A Piece Of Finland.

Ps. Did you know that in principle, every Finnish girl should know ‘virkkaaminen’ or ‘hooking’ -also known as crocheting-, and that this is still a very popular pastime amongst modern Finnish women.