Nokian Footwear has ensured warm and dry feet for generation after generation of Finns. It’s a small miracle these rubber boots and shoes have remained such a well-kept secret..! Legendary Hai and Kontio boots have recently gotten seriously attractive new siblings in the shape of London-based Finnish shoe designer Julia Lundsten’s collections. A Manolo Blahnik award winner, Lundsten is also known for her own label Finsk. The beautiful lines and colours are truly inspiring – and unique. 100% waterproof means your feet will always remain dry, no matter what the weather.

Every Nokian Footwear rubber boot is manufactured carefully by hand from dozens of parts. One of very few companies in the world that have such expertise, the multi-stage process requires experience, precision and manual skills. Combining cutting edge Finnish design with more than 100 years of experience, you wouldn’t believe this gorgeous footware is really all rubber!

ps. yes (in case you were wondering), it is true: originally the same company also manufactured car tyres, TVs, radios.. And later some mobile phones, which you may have heard of.