Anna is the initial creative force behind the project. She focuses on all aspects of
actualizing events and projects, planning and executing marketing & advertisements
as well as running the social media channels and the website/webshop.
Anna also dedicates time to perfecting visual elements within the store
and developing the concept together with Ramona.

A professional musician and freelance-journalist, Anna is driven by a passion for
authentic experiences, realizing dreams and generating new ideas. She exhibits a
healthy love for her native country and sincerely wants to share it with the world.

Anna was born and raised in Turku, the old capital city of Finland.
Her family and many good friends still live there, and she visits as often as possible.
In 2010, after falling in love with a Dutch man, Anna settled down in Amsterdam.
She is expressive, ambitious, a little stubborn and loves a good laugh. In addition
to driving creative projects, Anna enjoys sunshine, good wine, photographing
and emerging herself in travel, whenever possible.